How to become a Member

After receiving your declaration of membership and the annual contribution, you will receive immediate advice. You can then contact our competent full-time advisors with any questions concerning tenancy law - please by prior telephone appointment, to use your and our time effectively.

Should you have any questions regarding the membership, please do not hesitate to contact us over the phone at 0241-9497910 or via

About your Online-Membership Application
We are pleased that you are interested in a membership with the tenant association. Before you complete the membership, we ask you to read the following remarks:

According to the legal services law, we may only advise members.Request our information package free of charge, or become a member online.

The admission fee for all tenants is €15,00, the annual contribution for private tenants is € 96,00, for students € 84,00 and for commercial tenants €168,00 (excl. rent legal protection insurance). Upon receipt of the declaration of accession and the amount, you will receive your membership documents from us.

For married couples or residential communities we require the signature of all contract partners (for more than 2 residents, please download the request), otherwise legal costs might not be covered in full. The spouse or any other person living with the member in a permanent household may become a member on his / her application without paying a membership or admissions fee. The non-contributory membership is tied to the duration of the common household. It expires upon termination of the membership of the contributor or with the dissolution of the long-term household. It may be transferred to its own full membership upon application.

The minimum membership is 2 full calendar years. A termination of membership has to be in writing with a three-month deadline at the end of the year. If the contract is not terminated, it will automatically be renewed for another year.